29 Ten Years of Symrise
  • In 2009, we opened our Scent & Care Creative Center in Shanghai. It is the regional headquarters of the rapidly expanding Northeast Asia region. It is from here that Symrise serves the Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean markets.
  • In order to meet growing global demand for menthol, Symrise invested € 16 million in its Holzminden plant. The company put its expanded menthol capacities into operation in July 2012, thereby doubling its production volume.
  • Symrise is one of the largest buyers of the finest bourbon vanilla from Madagascar. We are the only company in the industry to produce locally and our commitment creates sustainable value for everyone involved.
  • With naturally citrus!®, Symrise has the most comprehensive selection of distinctive citrus flavors and oils at its disposal. The proximity to the world’s most important citrus-growing region in Brazil is therefore a huge advantage for Symrise.
  • We expanded our global market presence in 2012 with the new Center of Excellence in Granja Viana, Brazil. In order to satisfy the momentum in growing markets, knowledge of consumer wishes in specific countries and a local presence there is essential.

Moments of Growth

Symrise fosters a deep passion for growth and increasing value. This drives us and is one of our keys to success. Allow us to show you the various facets of our growth.