• For the perfect fragrance: An employee tests the scent of a shampoo on real hair at the Scent & Care Creative Center in Shanghai.
  • We source onions and other raw materials from farms in the region. Short delivery distances and concentrated volumes are part of our sustainable procurement.
  • Nutrition is a matter of trust: Refusing to compromise on the quality and safety of our products is part of our corporate identity.
  • Symrise also assumes social responsibility: In the vanilla-growing region of Madagascar, we support schools in the farmers’ villages.
  • We know that people want to live a life without worry: We focus on sustainable materials that are effective and provide long-term protection in the area of Personal Care. We continue to develop our UV protection.

Moments of Responsibility

Responsibility at Symrise goes far beyond its core business. That’s why we analyze sustainable value creation from every perspective. It begins with our own actions, extending to our relationships with suppliers and customers, and then continues to consider consumer desires as well as the effects of our decisions and actions on both the environment and society at large. Because of this, Symrise received the German Sustainability Award in the category “Germany’s Most Sustainable Initiatives” for 2012. Learn more about Symrise’s diverse projects here.