• Our perfumers explored the mysterious trail of fragrances in India. This experience inspires vivid creations.
  • In Tasmania, we gathered creative ideas for new fragrances from breathing the cleanest air in the world. Scent expeditions are part of our perfumers’ training and professional development.
  • An eye on megatrends: In the “Next Intensity” study, Scent & Care and Flavor & Nutrition are researching global consumer trends together for the first time.
  • A matter of taste: Our chefs from around the world are connected internationally via our chef network. They are constantly looking for new trends, exchanging ideas and, together with their teams, developing distinctive recipes and flavor nuances that perfectly suit consumers’ tastes in their respective markets.
  • In the taste for life® Creative Center in Brazil, we offer our customers from South America’s food industry a platform, which allows them to quickly and optimally incorporate consumer trends from their region into their product development.

Moments of Inspiration

What inspires us? What makes us happy? What moments enrich our daily routine and our work? Living inspirations are often the best source for creativity and success in numerous areas of life. Be inspired by Symrise!