• The historic creation of scents at Haarman & Reimer. Although nowadays many processes are digitally controlled or fully automated, everything always starts with the idea, the concept, the creation.
  • The spirit of discovery is in our blood, as evidenced by this historical laboratory photo at our predecessor company, Dragoco. Back then, just as today, this unique attitude breeds innovative ideas, which provide our customers with added value. It drives us forward. Day by day. All over the world.
  • In our laboratories, we carry out comprehensive basic research and focus on new analytical methods.
  • Haarman & Reimer was founded in 1874. In the same year, Wilhelm Haarmann and Ferdinand Tiemann successfully synthesized vanillin from coniferin for the first time.
  • Fascinating fragrances for passionate moments: Our genealogy of fragrances was devised by one of our predecessor companies, Haarman & Reimer. Published in its 20th edition this year, it is still considered the undisputed standard reference and guide of the entire fragrance industry today.

Moments of Discovery

High-quality substances, fragrances and flavorings, cutting-edge production technologies – Symrise has shown a special talent for innovation and high tech in its scientific research efforts. Follow us on a historical voyage of discovery.